Development and Growth

Dear Messrs.’ / Training Department,           

“We should provide ourselves with modern sciences and far-reaching knowledge. We should seek knowledge with true enthusiasm and honest desire to be able to practice all kinds of constructive work. That will enable the UAE to achieve a significant civilizational transformation in the third millennium.”

H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President (May God Protect Him)

“Key 2 Success Company – Exhibitions & Conferences” extends its warm compliments and wish you all continued progress and success in your work.

We are pleased and honored to invite you to participate in:


Development and Growth

We are pleased & honored of your participation in this exhibition and conference to attain the benefits of sharing experiences and views among all participants.

Please accept, Sir/Madam, the assurances of our highest consideration.


  1. Identify the latest, newest and modernized training, counselling and training programs.
  2. Exchange of experiences between the centers , academies, companies and Government agencies participating in the exhibition
  3. Identify the latest management tools and methods of modern marketing for training centers.
  4. Facilitate collaboration between government agencies and training centers participating in the event.
  5. Identify the training needs of the labor & training market either public or private sector.
  6. Building strong relationships with professional trainers in domestic, Arab and international training market.
  7. Direct communication with the public in all groups and categories to display programs and services provided by the centers.
  8. Data collection of interested groups in training to quickly and easily communicate with them later.
  9. Take advantage of the huge Information, Media & Advertising Campaign on the event for marketing and promotion of your center.

Visitors and Targeted groups to attend the Event:

  1. Public and private departments and agencies.
  2. Male and female employees in all sectors.
  3. Male and female students.
  4. Trainers and trainees.
  5. The public from all segments of society who are interested in academic and vocational training.

Actors involved & Participants:

  1. Training Companies and Centers.
  2. Universities, Colleges and Institutes.
  3. Government Agencies & Authorities.
  4. Private Sector Companies and Institutions.

Media Coverage

The Forum will be transferred and broadcasted directly at our website on the Internet. The event will have great interest from television stations and newspapers in the United Arabic Emirates.




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